Your Spiritual Seed

If God is triune and we are made in His image, we are triune. Its not hard to see once it’s shown. I used to think of myself as 2 parts spirit and flesh. One piece everlasting one piece dies here on earth. You too?? Its ok. Let’s walk thru this.

Flesh…. Soul…..Spirit….

3 Parts

1) Flesh… easy. Bones muscles organs etc etc. Not hard.  Most difficult thing in this area is wrapping your head around the fact we get a new one in the new world with the new Jerusalem.  Its in there, scriptures support it, take a gander at it sometime.

2)Soul…. a little harder but basically it’s your emotions, thoughts, personality. The you, you’d be if someone cut off your arms. If you were born with palsy etc. This doesn’t change when your flesh changes. It can be effected by it but that’s because we are an intimate 3 pieces just as the Lord our God, Jesus is.

3)Spirit. Now this is where we dive in today. Why is this different from our soul?? How does it effect and be effected by our other parts?? Why is this even important?? Lastly… what in the world does it have to do with gardening??

A seed.

Ever seen one of these??…
espalier cherry

How about one of these??…
alone cherry
Both are cherry trees. Same tree, same fruit, drastically different.

Both produce these…
Cherry seeds

Their surroundings effected the layout, size, and maybe even their output. Still a cherry tree.



Your seed determines your fruit and generalized characteristics. Your environment can effect the fruit and minor characteristic diversity but its still a cherry tree.

Our human seed was created in God’s image in the garden with Adam.  Initially our seed had the ability to choose to sin or not. When Adam chose to sin he bound himself to sin (Romans 6:14). So speaking garden: he changed his seed from cherry to apple. Now everything he did was related to apple. Still a tree, still human, looked like Jesus, talked like him, walked like him. However, his fruit changed. He no longer made cherries, he made apples.

You can still do this to it…
espalier apple

Or this…
alone apple
But you’d get these instead…
apple varieties
Scripture says that by one man sin entered the world and in such, man, you. Scripture also says that we are now born into the image of Adam (Genesis 5:3). Sinful. This means your born….
apple varieties
Sucks right? Right from the beginning your bound to sin, everything you do is apple oriented. There is a way out. Scripture also says “That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord”.  This is why Jesus said you have to be “born again”. The only way to do this is to change your seed back to Jesus’ seed. This happens when you believe in your heart (soul) and confess with your mouth (flesh) that Jesus is Lord. Miraculously, your seed changes.
You’re back to…
Cherry seeds
It could stop there. Since only “Cherries” go to everlasting life your set right? However, you have this new freedom. Freedom to make cherries! Freedom to do what ISN’T sinful.
Produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit…
Fruit of the Spirit Tree
Remember, Jesus is THE Tree of Life.  He shared his seeds (Matthew 13). We get to be trees of life also! So exciting. As a gardener I also get excited at the variety of trees. We don’t all look the same, act the same, have the same job or the same environment BUT we can all produce the fruits of life, the fruits of the Holy Spirit as long as our spirit/seed has be morphed by faith in Jesus.
Are you still apple? Are you cherry not producing fruit? Are you cherry and fruiting prolifically? Please, take a moment and consider it.

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