Easy Hats No Crochet or Knitting!

My daughter received a neat hat loom kit as a gift recently.  This is what came with it.


I started reading the directions and was enthralled at how easy this was!  I have crocheted since I was little but this was different.  My kids could do this and not fumble around a crochet needle figuring out how to keep the right tension, count the right number of loops, count how many you did before you had to do that one stitch at that one time…. you get the point.

To start you make a basic slip knot. Put it on the knob.



Take your yarn from the knob to the inside of the circle and wrap counter clockwise around the post.


Keep going counter clockwise around each post while working clockwise around the circle til you make it all the way around.


Now wrap your yarn around the knob and hold it.


Push all your wraps down.



Loosen from the knob and start wrapping counter clockwise on post, clockwise again.


When you are all the way around again,  wrap it on your knob and hold it. Grab your picker and pull the bottom over the top.


After you pick them all,  push them down on the post, wrap and pick again. When you get a few circles done,  loosen the slip knot and let it dangle in the center.  We’ll tie it later.

Just keep wrapping and picking till your hat is long enough.


Now it’s time to take it off the loom. Take your yarn and measure enough to go the full perimeter of the circle and cut it.  I cut this short one time and it was a pain, so a little waste is better than the hassle of short.

Thread your craft needle and push the yarn thru the loop while taking the yarn off the post. Pull your string thru.

Repeat going clockwise all the way around.

Pull tight.

Tie by pulling your yarn halfway thru and tying the string together.

Tie the starting string the same way.


The basic hat curls a little at the edge. It’s flattering but remember to put enough length on it to accommodate.

I quickly started to experiment and found that a cuff on the hat gave it a nice feel and a little extra warmth. This is what it looks like.


When wrapping and picking stop about 20 wraps in and find your start string.

Take that first loop and put it over the first post.

Working counter clockwise pull each first loop over the post.

Pick like normal.

Wrap and pick again til your hat reaches your desired length and tie.


Here are some variations the kids and I have accomplished.


Alpaca yarn….. all I have to say is ooohhh so cozy!


A couple of tips. When wrapping, use your left hand to wrap and right to hold so that you don’t wrap to tight or have it come completely unwrapped if you slip.

When done wrapping if you pick the last wrap first it will hold your wraps while you pick.

If you accidentally miss a post try to wrap it pulling tight with the picker.

If it doesn’t make it, don’t worry too much. Pick over it and you’ll never know it is there later.

Doubling the string is fun and is even warmer for my fridgid winter friends!

I’m experimenting on how to add beads and charms to the hat. I’ll let you know how as soon as I figure it out!

Happy hat making!




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