In the year Jubilee God asks us to not work the ground. It’s a lesson in trust. When I found this out I had already started seedlings of fall plantings such as cabbage in my greenhouse. I’ll be honest, it took a few days… Ok… weeks… For me to completely give those up. I put all my trays of beautiful seedlings… In the chicken coop. If you have chickens you’ll know that they were much appreciated by the chickens but devoured in seconds! In seconds, weeks of work down into a bird gizzard. What was I so afraid of? Lack of learning. You see, gardening and animals has been such an eye opening, ear hearing experience for me I didn’t want to lapse. Thankfully I trusted in a Jesus who NEVER fails to show Himself to those that seek Him. Who would have thought I could find Him in teacups?!?

Check these out! Aren’t they cute!


Oh and these… We are going to make for sure!



My son has a job to do in making these for our paper logs. Just in case teacups are to girly!


It took me a while to start blogging again. I’m sorry. Not only did I not grow plants in fall but it’s followed by winter, a time things don’t grow. Or so it seems. Remember He already talked to us about winter. Spiritual winter and physical winter looks the same. All the growing is hidden. This Christmas season was a tough one for my family. Thru much study, prayer and leadership from Jesus we found out that He really does have a birthday and it’s not December 25th. We found the enemy really does do everything counterfeit too try to change the times and the seasons (Daniel 2:21) and we walked with Jesus thru this winter of no Christmas to thankfully come out better on the other side but not necessarily unscathed. We shared in His fellowship of sufferings.

Since it didn’t have anything to do with growing plants or animals I didn’t think it fit in the blog. Fortunately He showed me that growing ME still counts. However this was thru showing me Pinterest and getting me creating once again. Then was I able to see that everything He leads me thru is part of creation for the created. I’m created and He loves that about me, about you too my friends.

We’ve already made some very cute and easy hats and scarves. As we go thru the process of these new fun crafts I’ll post more in depth pictures just in case you would like to try some in your year of Jubilee!






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