Fall Planting

A little known but wonderful tip…. Fall is the time for trees!  Only recently did someone inform me of this fabulous treasure! The best part is…. when they all go on sale is the prime time to plant!  Most people are excited in the spring to get outside and plant things, so the stores stock in spring.  When fall comes around most are done planting and everything goes on sale. If you are looking for something in particular you may want to go ahead and buy before fall but if you’re tastes are open this is a prime time.

Last year we purchased 20 trees at a fraction of the original price.  We paid between $5 and $7 each.  At this price it almost doesn’t matter what kind of fruit it produces.  Most stores will stock what grows well in your area however, do a little research before you go.  An educated buyer is a happy buyer.  For example, I live in an outskirt area of a large city; in the city some trees do better than on the other side of the mountain where I am and vise versa.

Don’t let the grid view of most conventional “orchards” trip you up. If you have the space, go for it. If not, plant a tree lined driveway or shade your children’s favorite place to play. Just keep in mind the spacing recommendations. A healthy tree is easier to maintain when given enough room to grow both above and below ground. Remember… a tree’s root system is as large as the visual branches, just upside-down. Look out for walls, foundations, and side walks. Also of course be considerate of your neighbor, they may not want fruit landing in their yard.

Follow the planting directions. The hole really does need to be much larger than the root ball. Check out your area’s soil situation and accommodate your trees need in the large hole so as to give it a “head start”. For example, our area is clay. In response to this we dig a large hole and fill it back in with a mix of wood chips, potting soil, compost and our clay soil. I recommend this for almost all soils but check to be sure this mix is best for you.

Taking these basic principles in mind is all you need to get started. You truly CAN learn as you go with trees. You’ll have time to learn to prune, fertilize and harvest these magnificent creations over the years it grows. If my husband and I would have known how simple and how cheap fall planting was… We could have been harvesting fruit for the last 7 years (3 years till fruit typically). Don’t let a little lack of knowledge stop you. Plant now, reap later. Let this set an example for your walk with Jesus also. Plant now in everyone that you love Jesus, tell who He is and what He did. If they ask you questions you don’t know, see it as an opportunity to learn something new and dig in. Suddenly He’ll be working your ground, growing your roots and enjoying your fruits.




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